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Creativity– Focusing Our Senses

January 2022 Newsletter

Getting creative during the pandemic is not without its challenges. As we cozy up inside, listening to the rain fall outside, we have the power to create images in our minds regarding the wet world outside our front door. Actively engaging individual senses can allow us to not only experience our environment through various perspectives, but can also help us remain in the present. What can we do to activate our senses?


Focusing on each one of our five senses individually, can be difficult if you aren't concentrating. Closing your eyes is actively turning off your sense of sight, and therefore can help heighten the power of other four. Get comfortable in a safe place is the first step, breathing deeply and calmly. Cara Bradley walks us through the process of paying close attention to our bodies and focusing on sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, and our thoughts.


Many of us enjoy solving a mystery. A mysterious game played with the members of your household, can be a great way to express creativity while focusing our senses to learn. This game can use just one of your five sense, or can incorporate more than one- like touch and taste. In the past, I have played sensory games that award more points for the least number of senses used to solve the mystery. You can find some examples here:


Spending time eating with the ones you love is great for our bodies and our spirit. Cooking a meal is a wonderful way to express creativity and feeding people is also a terrific way to express appreciation for our friends and family. Lunar New Year (or Chinese New Year) which is celebrated in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and many other countries across the globe. This year, February 1st marks the beginning of the Year of the Tiger. Traditional dishes served on this holiday include foods that are thought to bring luck and good fortune - dumplings, spring rolls, rice cakes, noodles, and more. Here is a wonderful recipe to help you get creative!


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