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Conservation- Every Thing Matters

Many of us actively try to be better every year, every month, or everyday. We try to buy better products, we try to eat better, spend less, and we try to think better thoughts about ourselves and those around us. Whenever we encounter something or someone that makes our efforts at being better easier, our natural instinct is to hang on for dear life. Those of us who want to share their new discovery, spreading awareness are what we consider Big Picture Thinkers.

February 2022 Newsletter

Sharing is an act of bravery. Saying, "Here is this thing that I love and helps me be better- let me show to you," is a fairly vulnerable thing to do. Many of us were conditioned to 'squirrel' away our favorite things starting at a young age. This month we want to share some amazing people and products that have just made our lives easier and fuller here at The Nature Lodge. We hope they will make your life brighter too.

Wiser Arts & Crafts– Eco-Friendly Necessities

This mother- daughter duo set up shop in Watsonville, California sewing their handmade products as small business owners trying to make a positive impact on how we use everyday items. From their Microwave Bowl Holder, Reusable Facial Wipes, to their Produce Bags, all of their products are reusable, limiting many of the one-time use items we use daily. I encourage everyone to check out their shop, and support these local business women.

Floasis Pottery Studio– Travis Adams

Travis Adams is a Claying Mantis, a Cerama-doula, and a Space Sherpa from Santa Cruz. His infatuation with clay began at Soquel High School under the unconventional tutelage of Michael Emery. Travis nurtured his obsession at SFSU where he earned a BFA. Since then, he’s been durping all over Santa Cruz and the Bay Area making ceramics and teaching people how to play with clay. In 2016, he opened a wondrous and magical community clay/art studio @FloasisTOTA where they operate a Pug Mill, a machine that recycles clay. He has instructed at Clay Creation, Good Life Ceramics, and local schools.

Check out what's happening at Floasis:

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