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Activity and Education Vendors

Information Table?

Education Booth?

Fun Activity?

Hosting an information table, educational booth, or activity is an excellent way for an organization, corporation, nonprofit, small business, club, school, or other entity to raise public awareness about various issues, interests, and causes. 


  • Advanced registration is required

  • The sign up fee is between $100 and $500. 

  • In keeping with the spirit of Waves of Change, we accept volunteer hours in exchange for the registration fees.

  • For more information email:


  • Your message and the delivery of that message must be peaceful and appropriate for a family audience. 

  • Each space is approximately 10 X 10 feet. Bring your own tent, tables and chairs, as well as banners and fun booth decorations.

  • Booth area must be kept clean. EVERYTHING (including trash) must be removed at the end of the festival.

  • Information tables are intended for the distribution of information ONLY. 

  • No selling or solicitations of any kind is permitted. 

  • No grilling, cooking or preparing of food, food sales or food giveaways. 

  • This is a GREEN event. We encourage you to keep giveaways to a minimum to decrease waste around the park.

  • No amplified sound should be used. 

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